Italian Food- a history

Italian Food- a history

Monday, June 26, 2017


Fabio Parasecoli


  1. Forage and cook in Italy
    29 Jun, 2017
    Forage and cook in Italy
    Forage the Amalfi Coast in Italy with MetaFarm: Social food lab Why foraging is important and what MetaFarm is doing to save it!  I) Foraging            Developing activities for tourists has to assert the relationship between locality and knowledge in order to create an authentic experience that strengthens not only the community in which it is based but the impact upon the participants, especially after leaving. Effectively inaugurating a realization towards global responsiveness
  2. Seasonality of food
    27 Jan, 2017
    Seasonality of food
    As we enter the latter part of winter, many of us start looking forward to warmer weather and longer days. The one thing we so often forget with seasonal change is seasonal foods. Seasonality, in a gastronomic sense, allows us to be revitalized with what we eat and more importantly how we eat. With every new season we are introduced with an array of fresh new products, allowing us to transform our normative behaviors in the kitchen, or when dinning out, with new styles and recipes.  The
  3. Cuba & sustainability
    21 Dec, 2015
    Cuba & sustainability
    If a system has been created out of necessity, with unimaginable governmental influence, what happens when necessity is gone and the influence that has sustained the system dissipates? The International Agroecology Conference in Cuba this year drew up many issues and exposed these questions. Cuba is on the front line of major change, how they handle this change will have far reaching implications upon sustainable agriculture. Connecting Cuba's Agricultural dots Arriving in Havana was a jolt to
  4. Craft Beer in Paris
    22 May, 2015
    Craft Beer in Paris
    Drinking beer, a lot of beer... to the point of extreme inebriation, is something I did in college, not Paris.  My visit to Paris was suppose to be surrounded by Champagne, Chablis, Burgundy or Bordeaux, not losing my phone and nearly missing my train back to Italy after an all-nighter drinking beer. Where did the American style IPAs and Belgium Pale ales come from? Especially, how did Fox News piss-off so many people in Paris that they even named a beer after the event. Recently in Europe