Customized ​Travel

Customized ​Travel:

Pick what ​ you want!

Customized Travel is the conduit to your ideal vacation! 
​We understand how organizing, researching, translating, booking and budgeting any travel experience can be a nightmare. Let us take care of it for you!


    How it works?
  • Give us the details of your group 
(How many are there?  Are you friends, family, colleagues..?)
  • Where & when do you want to go?
(Exploring the city, the rural countryside or both; Spring, Summer, Winter..?)
  • What are your interests?
(Food & Wine, Beer, Visit Family Origins, Honeymoon, Yoga, Music, Hiking, Team Building, Cooking, Biking, Art, History…)
  • Do you want a guide or do you prefer travelling solo?
(Do you require a Gastro-Travel guide, local guide or do you prefer exploring on your own..?)

  • We will take your information & ideas, build your ideal vacation, and give you a free proposal.  Write us Today!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          **Currently only servicing Italy & France 

   ​​Step 1: Give us your ideas                                                Step 2:  We build it                                                    Step 3: You live it!

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Write us, Lets start brainstorming about your next experience...

Trip Ideas: (Who, What, Where, When?)