About Us

Challenging the modern day food system and utter synapse like accessibility of nearly any product is an arduous and difficult task. To argue against convenience is sheer blasphemy. Selfishness has taken a malignant stance blanketing the global food attitude. Like a drug, industrial food production stimulates reassurance and promotes a false sense of modernity. 

Creating an environment that critically induces a forfeiture of reality, industrial food production inevitably engenders a new reality that stokes fear into many in the thought of its absence. Manufacturing such an exploit on a global scale can only create addictiveness or, revolt. The latter is and can only be achieved from a design of education, inclusion, promotion and involvement.
Approaching tourism with this is mind, we see it advantageous to crucially inspect the way tourism influences a system such as industrial food manufacturing and farming, along with the cultural destruction that it can lead to.

Tourism based on the idea of touring is absurd, travel is more prudent of a term. Implying that the education of oneself while respectively existing within a place through awareness, ethical understanding and cultural integration leads to an informative experience for both traveler and local.
Gastro-Travel aims to create an educational experience that achieves participation, awareness and cultural authenticity in a gastronomic sense. Pulling the curtains back to meet farmers, producers, cooks and people responsible for maintaining the heritage that bestows us the opportunity in the first place.
We will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of gastronomy that includes taste, value, as well as cultural and social knowledge stemming from first-hand experiences during your travels with us. 

We aim to secure a better quality of life and food through the Slow Food model: good, clean and fair.
Taking you on a journey that conveys the foundation of food, culture and tradition is our objective. Experience 'Travel' within a local mindset, while gaining a global understanding.
  1. Matthew Altieri
    Matthew Altieri
    Originally from the US he now lives in Europe. Having gained extensive travel/work experience throughout the gastronomic wonderlands of Italy from wine harvests, olive harvests and even in restaurants, he aims to preserve all its integrity. Currently he works for a cultural association named MetaFarm-promoting local agriculture and gastronomy, along with food tours in and around the Amalfi Coast. He holds a M.A. in Gastronomy, from UNISG in Pollenzo, Italy.
  2. Paul Griffon
    Paul Griffon
    France Guide
    Raised between the city life of Paris and the country side of Aix-en-Provence he has a passion for quality foods and the safeguarding required in preserving them. Previously, he worked in the UK as a sommelier at the Michelin Star: Simpsons Restaurant, in Edgebaston owned by Andreas Antana. Now he is building his own cultural association in southern France to facilitate the growth and awareness of French cuisine, culture and history. Attended and earned his M.A. in Gastronomy from UNISG in Pollenzo, Italy.
  3. Nader Moukarzel
    Nader Moukarzel
    Italy Guide
    As our local guide in the Piedmont region, Nader has an exceptional local knowledge of the area, people, history and of course food. Born and raised in the Slow Food capital of Bra, Italy, he extends our reach and scope far beyond any other travel guide can. He also has vast connections and strong relationships with local high-quality producers all over the area. Fun, outgoing and absolutely entertaining Nader loves to build warm and embracing experiences for everyone.