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Listen to Anthony! Southern France needs to be explored!

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Discover the realness that exists while learning, discovering, and tasting authenticity!  

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Short & Sweet

       Highlights: Paris & Rome

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September 22nd-29th

October 6th-13th


Small groups: 4-12
 Travel in small intimate groups that focus on community. 

New Locations   
Places visited are original, untouched and eye-opening.

High Quality/Local Food & Drink
Gastronomy is culture.  Your experiences will be directly related to the products and cuisine you encounter while sharing more than taste. 

Cultural Immersion
Acting like a local, thinking like one, and living like one is what you will do with us, it is our objective.

Experience gastronomy on our level
Travel experiences are directly related to what we are fighting to preserve, see more ​​​​​ here


  1. Our journey through Piedmont, Italy couldn't have been better with Gastro-Travel. The off-the-beaten-path experiences with a cheese maker and truffle hunter were special highlights. The food was amazing as we only visited slow food establishments from elegant to casual dining. We learned a lot about the food & wine of the region in a well paced experience. I highly recommend this travel experience if you are looking for a deeper cultural experience in bella Italy.
    Gilda Benedetti, NYC
  2. Traveling in Northern Italy with Gastro-Travel was a fabulous experience. As students of the Slow Food Movement, Gastro-Travel's knowledge is immense and enthusiasm to create an authentic experience for us was evident. We went off the beaten path and explored the best local restaurants, wineries and farms. We followed a Truffle Hunter while foraging for mushrooms and cooked homemade pasta alongside a chef in his kitchen. The team at Gastro-Travel were attentive to our every need. They were always accommodating, cheerful and engaged in making each days activities exceed our expectations.
    Michele Phillips, Piermont NY
  3. Southern Italy is truly heaven on Earth! We love the outdoors and the slow food movement so this combined the best of both worlds--a bit of hiking, a bit of cooking, delicious meals paired with great wine, and great new people to share it all with. The Gastro-Travel guides were wonderful and always there to take care of us. Getting to know the other guests (from Australia,Poland, and Scandinavia) was wonderful too!
    Pam Berry, North Carolina
  4. Highly recommend Gastro-Travel to EVERYONE!! Such a great way to discover the regions as well as learning some great foraging and cooking skills! The passion and enthusiasm of their team for sharing their knowledge of the land, the food, their history and their hopes for the future makes this experience so much more than a vacation!
    Paul Sailor, San Francisco